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Adult Learners


For adults who need to learn Spanish for a job, those with family-related motivations, couples who want to learn together, or those who simply want to learn for their own benefit - you've found just the person to help you reach your goals!!  

I have taught adults with a wide variety of backgrounds and reasons for wanting to learn Spanish. My approach is always custom-made, and depends on the learning goals of each person. Whether you want to learn how to read, write and speak fluently in Spanish, or you want to focus on basic conversational skills or industry-specific terminology, the content and direction of lessons is based entirely on your individual needs.  

Adult Learners: Service

I have worked with adult students in healthcare, education, construction, engineering, customer service & sales, law enforcement, human resources, corporate consulting, the military, international business, small business owners, utility and cable providers, lawyers, teachers, and more.


I appreciate and welcome the variety of industries that my students have come from. My goal is always to help people acquire the level of Spanish language proficiency that is useful to their particular situation. 

For recommendations on learning materials that are geared for adults, check out my resources page

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