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Book Recommendations

For Adults who are looking a book, and do not already have one, I recommend any or all of the books listed below (available online or at your local bookstore). The adult curriculum I use is based off of "Easy Spanish: Step-By-Step."  This is only the starting point though, as I supplement lessons with much of my own material. 

"Easy Spanish: Step-By-Step." By: Barbara Bregstein. McGraw-Hill Publisher: New York; 2006.

"Complete Spanish Grammar: Premium Fourth Edition." By: Gilda Nissenberg. McGraw-Hill Publisher: 2020


"Spanish Verb Tenses: Premium Third Edition." By: Dorothy Richmond. McGraw-Hill Publisher: 2015

"Easy Spanish Reader: Premium Third Edition." By:  William T. Tardy. McGraw-Hill Publisher: New York; 2015. 

Learning Apps &
Online Tools

There are lots of apps and online learning tools available; however be aware that not all are created equal. Here are my top pics:



    • Free access to grammar lessons- including practice exercises with all verb tenses ​


    • More free grammar lessons and practice exercises​

    • Flashcards

    • Spanish-English Dictionary & Verb conjugation charts


    • Practice listening, for free, to native speakers with short video clips

    • Speakers come from every Spanish-speaking country


    • Free grammar lessons & games (no account needed)​

    • Videos for listening practice, with native Speakers


    • Read & listen to texts in Spanish, about a variety of topics

    • Videos also available


    • Woodward Spanish offers a wide range of free grammar and vocab activities

    • Passages for reading comprehension also available

  • Practical Spanish 

    • Bilingual passages with text and sound offered - free

      • Read & Listen to passages from Beginner level to Advanced​ 

    • Videos & eBooks (for purchase)


    • Hundreds of passages and "quizzes" for reading comprehension at all levels - from novice to expert

  • Duolingo 

    • Free "bite-sized Spanish lessons" that you can do daily​


    • Classic fairy tales in Spanish​

      • Read & Listen to stories you already know

  • GPB Media

    • Geared for kids - but great for any age - these "Salsa Videos" take familiar nursery rhymes and bring them to life (in Spanish) with puppets.

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